Friday, November 26, 2010

Friends and more friends

Off to Music and Movement again this morning. It's tradition for the children to have a biscuit (or two) after the singing and it was so sweet to see Ruth get all the chairs ready for the children. She has such a servant's heart and I thank the Lord for her wonderful willingness to help others.

The girls made Chocolate Truffles this afternoon. They were a great success. For the recipe and more photos click here.
It was lovely having the Spencer's drop in for a visit this afternoon (the reason for the truffles being made). It was so wonderful to see how big Joshua is getting. It's been 4 months since his birth but he is really only a 2 month old (having missed out on 2 months in the womb). It was just so lovely to see him being held like this. Getting so strong and looking more like his brothers every day.

Well done girls.
Then it was off to town for Rachel, Grace and I. The girls were presented with their Challenge 9 certificates. The highest award that can be achieved in Brownies. It was lovely for them to get to see all the Guides, Rangers and Leaders getting awards too. Both girls will be moving up to Guides next year and so it was special for them to share this occasion.
The awards ceremony ended early and so instead of leaving town at 9pm we were home by 9pm which was lovely.
This photo was taken at 8:40pm on our way home.

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