Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fancy, flowers and friends

Ruth and I made these fancy cupcakes today. You can see all the photos and what she is learning on her blog.
She is having so much fun with all the baking we have been doing and she has been learning so much.
Brendon brought those flowers home yesterday. Someone at the office brought loads of them and said people could just help themselves. They are just beautiful.

So unique.
Such a beautiful smell.
The stamen on these flowers are just so different. The top right flower has these delicate pink tops on it's stamen and then this photo on the left has stamen in the middle surrounded by petals and then more stamen. Just beautiful. God's creation is truly marvelous.

It was such a blessing today to see Hannah accept help from Ruth. Normally Hannah is a very much "do it on my own" kind of child. She does not actually need help putting her jeans on - but decided it would be nice to have her sisters help. They are such good friends and I thank the Lord for my 3 precious girls.

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