Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch, peg, wait and enjoy

The girls asked to watch their "violin" movie and when I turned the Television on I saw there was gymnastics on. So the girls enjoyed watching some of the Common Wealth Games ball and ribbon entries (sorry I don't know the proper terms). It was amazing to watch what these ladies could do.
Rachel made Bobotie again today. She told me that Dad suggested she wear a peg on her nose when she cuts the onions. Apparently it worked really well the last time but not so well today. We had the chimney sweeps here again today and they were very impressed with the tea that Rachel made them too. When they heard she was making dinner too they were very much impressed. The one man has a daughter that is 10 and he said she can't even make him a good cup of tea. :-)
Rachel waiting for Dad to come out of the bathroom to give him a fright. If she had taken her hat off I think it would have been a good one. But it stuck out too much and so he saw her. These two are always looking for opportunities and Rachel is always so happy when she gives him a good fright.
Off to squash again this afternoon. It's been lovely to have Brendon home soon after 3 in the afternoons this week as they are starting at 6:30 now. Ruth suggested we stop at the shop on the way home to buy some ice cream. So although we did not have our wallets with we could get some ice cream and we can pay for it the next time we go to the shop. Another benefit of NZ country life.
So after dinner the girls enjoyed their first ice cream (at home) of the season. This photo was taken at 6pm, so you can see how long our days are getting.

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