Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loads of love

This morning Ruth decided she would help Hannah with that frustrating fringe that keeps getting in her eyes. She just cut it off! All of it!!
And although she got a telling off and knows to never do that again, I am also aware of the fact that she was only showing love to her sister. It's one of those things that upsets you but also makes you smile every time you thing about it.
The other love item of today was the package that arrived in the post from Nana. The girls were so excited. There were gifts for each of them individually and then general gifts for them all as well. Thank you so much Nana.
One of the favorites of the pack was this DVD. It was so amazing that Nana would include this DVD when she packed this up weeks ago. God obviously had His hand in it all as it has gotten Ruth SUPA excited about picking up very own violin. And even Hannah will ask to "watch violin".
There was another surprise in the post today. I sent this photo in a month ago and have been looking in every paper to see if it would do well. I had started wondering if perhaps there were no longer any photo competitions happening and then today I got my free tickets. When we got home I opened the paper and saw my photo had won. I am so pleased. I had been thinking for a while about what photo could possibly stand out and win because I would like to take Rachel to see a 3D movie. If I have free tickets we only have to pay in the difference which is not much. So she was also very excited that within the next 5 or 6 months we will get to do that. Now to start looking at what 3D movies are on and when we can get through to town to watch.
Hare on left and Smokey on right.
And on a totally different topic we had fun watching Smokey this morning. She spotted this hare on the drive and slowly made her way across the lawn. When she got onto the drive the hare spotted her and so she went flat. The hare actually took a step or two towards her but then Smokey got too tired of waiting and moved. With that the hare was off and there was no way Smokey would catch it. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the hare had tried to go past Smokey. It's so much bigger than her.

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