Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun at the park

Such a lovely play ground
Hannah was a little
nervous but managed
very well.
I was on the Brownie run today and as I had already gotten a baby sitter for Monday when I did guides I decided to take them with today.
When Hannah first walked on the stones she walked as if
they were hurting her. She quickly saw how much fun Ruth
was having though and got used to the way it felt.
It made them very dirty though. And the funny part was
that the "dirtier" Ruth got the whiter she got.
I remember when Ruth was too
short to go on one of these.
Now she goes on her own and
even jumps off.
The days are long enough now that we don't arrive home in the dark and the girls were really excited about visiting the park that is next door to the domain.

Afternoon tea in a tunnel. :-)
Ruth's jumping inspired Hannah. So they
jumped off here a few times together.

Enjoying the blossoms on the way back.
You can see how white their legs are from
playing in the stones.

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