Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flowers and bubbles

Ruth had suggested we take our snow flake decorations down so yesterday we made these tissue paper flowers to replace the snow flakes. If you want to know how they are made click here.

The girls were thrilled to having them having by the dinning room. It is definitely not my choice of colours - we just had to use what we had. It has made me put "tissue paper" onto my shopping list though. I am sure we could have some lovely spring colours there. But sometimes it's also good to just get going with something. So rather than wait till I had the perfects colours we just got started.

I was very pleased with how Ruth worked on this. She was willing to take my directions and help which was a good step forward for her. She can be very stubborn in wanting to do it all on her "OWN" and so it was good for her to see that I was not taking over but just giving her a little bit of instruction at the start. She ended up making 3 flowers and so between them all she did each task completely on her OWN. Which I was actually quite impressed with. Especially with the little flowers. It can be quite tricky unfolding it.

And today they decorated paper with coloured bubbles. You can click here to have a look at the finished products.

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