Friday, September 17, 2010

Bits and pieces

Rachel was very pleased with all the badges she got at Brownies yesterday. She has been working hard on her specialised badges (the top 3) but was especially pleased to receive the 2nd part of her 8 up (she had the basket previously) as well as both parts of the Challenge 9 badge.

8:45 and Ruth is finally up and having breakfast. She knows that if she wakes up late then a biscuit with chicken liver is what she gets for breakfast (or morning tea as it's so late already). I also give her fresh orange juice when we have it (Vit C adds with iron absorption) and she has been asking for olives to eat with it. A very funny combination but at least she enjoys it.
The Pink Star Challenge is a big Guiding challenge that everyone in Girl Guiding is busy with this year. It's all for breast cancer awareness. Some Guides on the North Island took the opportunity to try and beat a Guinness World Record for the longest bra chain that is held by Australia at 166,000 bras. So everyone has been collecting old bras. Our District has already collected over 700 (here are 100 that I am going to post off). Once the record attempt has been completed all the good bras will be sent overseas. So far 47,000 have been collected, so an extra effort is being put in to get all the bras sent up and counted. The deadline is November. For more info click here.
I asked Hannah to crush egg shells for the chooks. She had so much fun but also enjoyed being a big helper.

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