Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Puzzle Library

Last night at my meeting in town I got a box of puzzles from a GirlGuiding friend. The girls knew they were coming and so were very excited to get started this morning. Rachel grabbed the 200 piece horse puzzle to start with and her sisters helped her sort the pieces. Even Hannah managed to understand what an "edge" piece was (I showed her how she could stand the piece up on that side).
Ruth was excited to build her first ever round puzzle.

And Hannah did not want to be left out so she grabbed her Farm puzzle (one that she has not shown much interest in before). First she got the pieces all the right way up.
And with a little bit of encouragement from me she got building (just saying things like "why don't you start with the pig? Find all the pig pieces. Where does this head go?" ect). It was amazing to watch how well she did. I got busy later on and she put the last 5 or 6 pieces on completely on her own.
So it was a really puzzling morning.

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