Friday, August 20, 2010

Fish and candles

Rachel watched me batter fish last time so she had a go herself today. She did a great job. I had my first attempt at making a garlic butter sauce for the fish (without even looking at recipes) and although I now know that I need to actually find out how to do it properly - the result was still delicious (at least for Brendon and I).
The girls are also enjoying having dinner by candle light as often as we can. Soon it will just be too light for too long. Already we have to close the curtains and make dinner a bit later than normal. Wonderful memories for them though. And all you need is a candle or two.
Ruth is pleased to have all the puzzle pieces that are left fitting on just one tray. She enjoys it when she can get a dog completed and often counts how many she has done. It won't be long now before it's done so I started phoning around to find out where we can get it framed.

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