Saturday, August 21, 2010

Babies and Brownies

Rachel and Hayley had a Challenge 9 day in town with Brownies today so after dropping them off and getting my shopping done I headed over for a visit with Kerry. It was so lovely to get to spend some time with her and see a bit more of what is involved for her having such a prem little baby. He is 5 weeks old now and weighs just 2kg. She would only be 34 weeks pregnant at this stage.
It was so special to get to hold Joshua too. He was moved into a cot last weekend and so Kerry enjoys having him in clothes and getting to hold him more often. He gets fed through a tube down his nose into his tummy but actually latched and nursed a bit from Kerry yesterday. It's really exhausting for these little ones though - so it's a slow process.

Giving you an idea of how tiny this little man is.

Then I headed over to where the girls were and managed to get a couple of photos. Here they are making a butterfly broach. Rachel was so excited about making it with just one piece of wire. The pattern was quite tricky to follow though.
Enjoying a sausage sizzle.

And making butter for the bread. Even though Rachel has done this before she still thought it was loads of fun.
They did 9 activities today towards their Challenge 9 badge which is the highest badge a Brownie can get (having 18 clauses). Rachel only needed to do 2 extra clauses and was thrilled that 2 of the activities where ones that she needed.
I have drawn a red triangle above Rachel if you were interested in spotting her. It's always great fun going to Regional events. Eventually you recognise more and more of the girls.
We dropped Hayley off (she is staying the night with Kerry in town) and then enjoyed pizza for dinner. Rachel was excited to get the small table at the window. We had a lovely time chatting so even though it was a long day (left before 8am and home after 7pm) it was a very special day.

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