Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little lambs

We had a short visit planned with Julia today and she phoned this morning to let me know that two little lambs had been born that morning - so we would want to have our gumboots with.
It was lovely to watch the little lamb figure out where to find the milk.

The twin was really off though and had wandered way up on this field. So Julia and Rachel headed up to fetch it and bring it down to it's mum.

All enjoying a little pat.

Julia then locked them up in this smaller area so that the mother had longer grass to eat and the lambs would stay close.
Rachel had so much contact with sheep and lambs when we lived next door to Bob and Lynn. It is the one thing we really miss about the other house. So it was lovely for the younger two to get a little bit of contact with such lovely little lambs.
Ruth was thrilled to get a box full of creams today. I entered a competition through face book with our movie rental company and won this. I had entered with her in mind and was so thrilled to have won them for her.

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Fiona Macneil said...

How very sweet those little lambs are!! We will have to enjoy spring through your eyes now, it is so wonderful how all things go in these wonderful cycles!