Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plucking ducks

When Rachel and I got home from Brownies today Brendon said "guess what - we have 2 ducks" and immediately Rachel and I thought live ones that would be in with the chooks. But as soon as we got out the garage we saw what he meant. Two ducks to eat.
Some hunters had gotten permission to do some duck hunting on the farm and so on their way out they stopped and gave Brendon two birds.
Showing the girls the duck's tongue. A great emphasis on senses for Ruth - showing taste, smell, sight and talking about their hidden ears.
A clearer photo of the girls giving the duck a wipe.

They are wonderfully soft.
Looking at the difference in the colouring between the two.

And after a chat with Julia on the phone getting instructions on how to do it - Brendon started the process of plucking. Ruth helped for a while.
And even Rachel had a go. We were especially proud of her for how she handled the whole experience. Especially when she started out thinking she had two new pets. She now understands why duck down duvets are so warm.
And after the girls were in bed Brendon cut them up - ready for me to cook tomorrow. The cats sat eagerly at the door waiting for their part (which they thoroughly enjoyed).


Fiona Macneil said...

Little Hannah looks a bit worried in the photo with dad showing the tongue. I reckon you guys will be having rabbit stew soon :D We have friends here in the UK who eat all sorts of things like pigeon, pheasants, whatever they can catch and is edible and they are not even farm folk.

Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Wow, what a different experience for a past Joburg-dweller!