Sunday, May 23, 2010


On Friday afternoon I took a flight from Christ-
church to Auckland to attend a New Co-ordinators workshop at Otimai. It had been raining in Christchurch and once we were through the clouds it was absolutely breathtaking. I did not have a window seat but the man obligingly leaned back so that I could take this photo. The sky was just such a magnificent blue (you forget about that stunning blue sky when it's been raining for over a week) and the sunset colours stretched across the horizon for miles. It was so stunning. Can you tell I am struggling to find the words to express how beautiful this was? At least I have a photo that gives you a small idea of what it was like. God's handiwork is truly amazing.
We only arrived in Otimai after 8pm (almost an hour drive from the airport) and had a session in the evening to get started. Thankful the mornings only started at 9am so I was able to enjoy the stunning sunrise and a walk around some of the grounds.
Thankfully it was a beautifully clear day and so I was able to borrow a pair of gumboots and walk around the property properly at the afternoon tea break. I almost ran the whole was as we did not have a very long break, but I am glad I did. It was really a lovely venue.
There were 9 of us doing the workshop and that helped in allowing us to share ex-
periences and get a better understanding for what kinds of issues can come up as a District Co-ordinator in GirlGuiding New Zealand. It was great to meet other ladies in the organization too.
It was also great for me to have training from a lady who has been involved in Guiding for over 35 years and has so much experience to teach from. She was also excellent at doing the workshops and I was very thankful for all the advice I could get from her.
Although there was a load of in-
formation given to us over the weekend it was also explained so very well and I did not leave feeling overwhelmed but rather equipped and encouraged. I know there is so much I could be doing as DC for our area but also know that I need to priorities those things and just get started slowly - one step at a time.
I arrived just in time on my way up but heading home I had a long wait at the airport as two other ladies had earlier flights and we traveled on the same shuttle. So I got to have a proper look at how things work at domestic departures. I was amazed that you do a self check in and just get your boarding pass and luggage label on your own. Technology sure has come a long way. Although I don't know when last I have actually flow domestically - I remember Brendon flying when Rachel was 2 - so that's at least 6 years ago.
Because I was so early I could get a window seat and I was so thankful for the wonderful flight home. I got a seat just back from the wing and just so enjoyed watching all the mechanics of flight. Especially real for me as Rachel has been learning about Leonardo da Vinci. So it got me thinking about how he so longed to have this experience and how privileged we are to have all the amazing technological things that we have.
So on my flight up I was blown away by God's wonderful creation. On the flight home I was blown away by how God has created our minds and allowed us to create such amazing things. How wonderful to be created in the image of such an amazing Creator.

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