Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting and falling

This morning I made the effort of getting paints out for the little ones. I tried (yes, I am not good - but at least I tried) to draw some autumn things for them to "colour in" - the ideas from one of Ruth's autumn school games that she got.
I was amazed at Ruth's painting. She worked so very carefully and painted beautifully. I have really been challenged this week in this area and have made the commitment to make sure I give the girls more drawing / colouring / painting opportunities every week.
Hannah had a great time too. Much more work for me (having to keep an eye on her) but loads of fun.
Then the day changed. Rachel was updating her schedule (she marks off on the black board what she has done in the day) and decided to stand on a gym ball to reach the top. She said it was fine while she was up there - it was getting off that was the problem. So down she fell and seriously hurt her wrist. I phoned the health line to find out if it was worth going to the doctor, after a long chat and loads of questions she suggested I rather take her to the doctor. We went straight to the doc and she said she suspected it could be broken so sent us into town for x-rays. I stopped in at Julia and she said she was happy to have the little two stay with her. What a blessing she is. So by 12 Rachel and I were off to town. Thankfully the x-ray showed the bones are all fine. The radiologists were so lovely. She noticed how much Rachel was learning as I explained how they take 4 photos on the one film and so she started giving more and more info. She even said she would do something they don't normally do and allow Rachel to come and see them process the x-ray. So Rachel got to scan the x-ray file onto the computer and got to push a few buttons on the touch screen. She even printed a copy out for Rachel (something they hardly ever do anymore as everything is digital). So we got free medical service as well as a free lesson about radiology. We both learnt a lot and had a good time together even though the circumstances where not nice (have a very painful wrist).
So it got wrapped up and put in a sling and she has to remember RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I was very glad a cast was not needed as she has a ballet exam in 4 weeks time.
When we got home Brendon had fetched the younger girls and Julia had even made dinner for us. So many blessings.
Thank you Lord that we can trust in You even when things don't go as planned.

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