Monday, May 3, 2010

Part 2

The farmyard feeding time is always a highlight for the girls. We got there a bit early so the girls had some time to say hi.
It was lovely how this calf was so relaxed lying there accepting all the pats.

Lovely for Hannah to get close to the animals.

A peahen with her chick.

The children are allowed to walk around the paddock with the calves and sheep but when it's feeding time and they get some treats then they keep the children on the other side of the fence. The animals get very excited about their snack.
This pig was VERY excited about his food. The girls each had a turn dropping some food into the pig's mouth.
Looking at the big rabbit the man was bringing for them to have a wipe. It was again great that there were not many people as the girls got extra long turns.
Hannah really enjoyed getting hands on.
Close enough to a horse for Rachel to love this donkey. Her hands were black after wiping him for a while. The girls all enjoyed giving him some carrots (Rachel could give chunks of apple too but the little ones hands were just too small).

He was so funny. You can hear him on this clip making a sound like "yes" (I would have no idea how to spell that). But the funniest was when he was not happy - perhaps not getting enough food - he would do it twice and it sounded like a very upset "no".

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