Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back from camp

It was only when we got home that Rachel gave me the photo frame she had made for me. So very special. She knows I like giraffes and that my favorite colour is purple - so there was extra effort put into making it just for me. Thank you so much Rachel. I love you so much.
We both had a really lovely weekend. I only saw Rachel a couple of times - when she came to my station on Saturday to make her pet rock and on the odd occasion when her excitement was just bubbling over she would run over and give me a hug (this happened probably 3 times - she was just having such a ball). I have put a lot of photos on her blog.
As my last group making pet rocks were busy the organizer of the camp came around and suggest I make one too. So I made a gift for Brendon. Meet Piggles. :-)
I really enjoyed being in a camp leader position again. The last time I did that was on Scripture Union Camps in high school. It was also great for me to get to know a few of the ladies from my monthly meeting in town.
Brendon was a star and had the little ones the whole weekend. I was glad to hear they were well behaved for him. They were very excited about having us home though.

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