Friday, April 30, 2010

Calf sale and Brownie camp

Today the Brownies and Guides did the catering for a local Calf sale. It's probably the best fund raiser we have in the year. Last year it was in the holidays which meant we could have the Brownies and Guides actually helping on the day rather than just the mothers. It also meant it was not as busy. So although not as successful as last year we were still very thankful for the opportunity.
The girls enjoyed spending a bit of time at the auction. You can see some of the men walking along the top outside getting the next lot ready.
Because I was heading off for Region Brownie camp with Rachel this evening I thought I would phone the health line to get advice on how often Hannah's burn dressing needs to be changed. Well after chatting to her she asked that I rather go see a doctor. Because it had blistered by last night and because of it's size on her small body she said it was a 2nd degree burn and needed to be checked by a doctor. So at the last minute we rushed down to the clinic to get it checked out. Thankfully it was a lot less tender today and when we took the dressing off Hannah was fine. I had a lolly pop handy and that kept her mouth busy enough that she sat quietly while the nurse cleaned it and put a new bandage / plaster on it. Thankfully this can stay on for 4 to 5 days so Brendon won't have to worry about doing anything with it over the weekend.
And soon after getting home from the doctor Rachel and I headed off for the Regional Brownie camp. As Rachel was the only girl going from our District I asked if they needed any leaders. So I went as a leader and cut our traveling in half.
Rachel had a wonderful time.
It was a very successful camp. We had over 72 girls attend and it was lovely to be in that camp leader position again. It must be over 15 years since I last did that and it was great. When I get the time I will add a lot of photos onto Rachel's blog.

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