Thursday, April 29, 2010

Leaves and Honey

Ruth was very excited about her next lot of school work arriving in the post today. It did not take long for her to go through everything in the pack and she wanted to get her poster made right away. She is learning about Autumn to go with all the crafts we have been doing.
Last night Hannah fell on a night light and burnt her arm. Paracetamol did not work quickly enough so we got some Manuka Honey onto it with gauze and a bandage. She calmed down as soon as it was on. It has been fine the whole day today but this evening we decided to change the dressing. She was so brave and even pulled the gauze off herself. She cried when I put the new honeyed gauze on but once the bandage was getting wrapped up she calmed down again. Poor thing. And on such a little arm too.

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