Monday, April 5, 2010

Work and wood 1 and 2

Brendon worked again this morning so Rachel got stuck into work again as normal. Another surprise for her today when Dad was home before lunch. Whenever Rachel watches her Math's DVD Hannah will want the blocks out to play with. She looses interest quickly but Ruth sat playing with them a bit longer. I was so impressed when she made a line of 9 green one units and told me she had nine. I then put a blue 10 block next to them and asked her how many more do you need to make 10. She immediately said 1 and got another green block. It's so much fun watching them playing and learning in such a relaxed informal way.
Hannah has been enjoying the bigger blocks so I thought it was probably time for her to see what fun could be had with these. It was Ruth though that ended up building a tower and you guessed it - Hannah played with the tractor. :-)
After they had played for a while I got on the floor with them and helped Ruth build a house. She loved adding doors, windows and even a chimney. I also build a proper tractor for Hannah which she was most pleased with.
After the girls had gone to bed Brendon headed back to the farm to get wood. Our woodshed was almost empty so it is wonderful to know it will get stocked up again. We are so thankful to the farm for providing us with wood (for FREE).
The first load arrived - 3:25pm.
Rachel and I off loaded the trailer and Brendon stacked. Once the trailer was empty I started stacking and Brendon headed off to fetch the next load. It takes a while to stack but you can see how much space it saves. The shed still feels really empty though.

The girls only woke from their nap just before 5. I had to laugh at Hannah who had gotten even more teddies on her bed. She can open the toy draw under her bed and had obviously decided before she went to sleep that she needed more teddies to keep her company.

Ruth's company was Tiger. He loves sleeping on Ruth's bed.

This time we off loaded together and then stacked together. It went much quicker as we could through the wood much further in. Rachel thought it was so funny that we were trapped behind a pile of wood.
The bottom of the trailer had loads of small pieces and sand in and the girls did a great job of cleaning it out.

Finally done - just after 6pm. We had a bigger afternoon snack when the girls woke up so that we could get the wood finished before dinner. It's great to have gotten two loads done today but it does not feel like it has made much of a dent in the shed. It's great that we have a big shed though and we can stock up for what is apparently going to be a very cold winter.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Wow, what a blessing to have ALL THAT WOOD!!! One doesn't realize until actually being in a cold place where a log burner or pot belly or whatever is your source of heat, how important the acquisition of firewood is - and how expensive it can be. I'm so glad that you get it for free!