Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Rachel

Dad normally takes birthdays off but had already put in for a day's leave for Friday so we had talked a bit about perhaps just having Rachel's birthday celebrations on Saturday with the small party we are having. We celebrated Hannah's birthday a day late (and did not mention anything to her on the actual day). So Rachel had almost forgotten that it was her birthday. I heard Hannah wake up and Ruth too just before Dad left. So we all sang Happy Birthday to Rachel (who was still fast asleep). If she had thought she would be getting presents today she would have been up at 5 - so it worked out rather well.
She was so excited about her Ukulele book. She has had the Ukulele since she was 2 so it's great to finally get to teach her how to play it.
Then she got a load of things for card making. She counted and is amazed that she got 30 stamps (I did a bit of Trade Me shopping :-)).
The girls struggled to get off to sleep at nap time today and when I came into the room at one point I found Tiger under the blanket with Ruth and Smokey ON Hannah's pillow.
And don't be fooled - she was NOT sleeping. The flash was just bright. She was the reason they were both still up. Our talkative little girl.
Rachel had the day off school today and enjoyed playing with her sisters through the morning. But once they headed for bed she got stuck into a new book. Just after 2pm and she is already 150 pages in (half way). She almost finished it today. I just love the way Smokey is lying there with her - leg hanging off the chair.
Then it was time to try out the stamps. Rachel so enjoyed seeing exactly what she got.
The birthday card I gave her - one I made at the card making evening that I went to when we were away. So that was the inspiration for her card today.
She only has bright coloured board and inks so she had to do something totally different. But the big thing today was to learn how to make that crinkled effect with tissue paper. It worked really nicely.

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