Friday, April 16, 2010

Toy library

The girls were very pleased to hear that the toy library was open today even though it's holidays still and there is no music and movement. Within minutes of getting home they get stuck in. They also had a lovely time playing with a lot of the ride-ons while we were there this morning. So that was nice for them too.
Hannah just needed a little bit of help to get started but she really loves building the Pukeko.
Hannah enjoying the shapes and vehicles and Ruth diligently building away at her big one.
Well done Ruth! A 30 piece puzzle is not normally a challenge for her but she is not used to floor puzzles and this one has many very strange shaped pieces. She really enjoyed it and built it a couple of times today.
Ruth has been learning about what animals eat and so the girls were excited when they saw Smokey had caught a lizard. It was also the first time Ruth got to see a lizard "loosing it's tail". Thankfully the girls are not put off by things like this. It's just part of life - especially when you live out in the country.
Enjoying some cuddle time with the cats.

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