Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tree and Mary

Saturday and Sunday afternoon saw Brendon and I working on the vegetable garden. We were amazed at how much we got done in just one weekend. It was so overgrown and we are almost done. The plants that we left in the middle section there are strawberry plants.
While we were busy on Saturday morning the girls spent time around the property and discovered the steps into that big tree in the background of this photo.
Rachel has spent hours in there since and is so impressed because there are even steps once you are inside. So there is an upstairs and another upstairs.
She was also pleased that where there were places where you could perhaps fall out - they had boarded it up. Brendon helped Ruth and Hannah get in and so the sisters had a fun time up there.

This evening I heard Ruth playing Mary had a little lamb on the piano. She has not played the piano much this year as she has been enjoying her recorder so much. It was amazing to see how she just sat playing around and working out how to play it. She actually worked it out right at the top of the piano and so I showed her where she could play it in the middle. Well done Ruth. She did this all on her own.

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