Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair week

I am so glad Ruth has such a positive attitude towards the effort we have to put into her hair. We did a second lice treatment on Saturday and then the job started of combing each section out (getting the knots out) and then taking all the dead eggs off. And it's way more work than that sounds. You see I have to put a moisturising cream on her hair to allow me to comb it out and get the knots out. But the cream is white and so I have to wait for it to dry in order to check for eggs.
Then once I have removed the eggs I have to put cream on again so that I can comb it and style it. Here you can see how long her hair is already. I did flat twists on the front / top and then small twists on the back. This was the first time I have worked with the hair with it completely combed out and it was such a pleasure. I have often watched videos of ladies doing African hair and I would always wonder how they got it so soft. I thank the Lord that I struggled so much at the end of last year because it allowed me to get extra help and get a couple of much needed tips.
Ruth is really happy with the style and was so patient through all the work. I did not add up the hours this time but we watched The Sound of Music 3 times (twice in full and once with the songs only), Cinderella 2, Mary Poppins, an episode of Master chef and a Winnie the Pooh movie.
Now I just pray we have killed all the lice and eggs and that we don't have to repeat that process any time soon.

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