Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cats and teddies

Hannah often has a number of teddies on the bed with her. At nap time after lunch she will chat away to her teddies before she gets to sleep. Today however she decided that all the teddies needed to go to the bottom of her bed where the two cats where sleeping. It was the funniest sight.
We have also noticed that Hannah is a different child at bed time at night since our holiday. I am not sure what did it but before we went away we struggled with her almost every night. You may remember me mentioning that their bed time has moved later and later because of her and it is already at 8:30 (it started at 7). It has been so lovely for over 2 weeks now though to put her in bed and not hear another word from her. I never thought that day would come. And I think her sisters are really thankful too. :-)

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