Monday, April 26, 2010

Not for sensitive viewers

The leaves we collected last week have been drying in my flower press and are ready to be used. The girls designed table mats.
And the turned out really nicely. Middle left was my first one, changing colour from green to red. Rachel tried to copy that idea (bottom right) but after seeing Ruth's creation we decided to copy her idea and make a couple more in that style. Now we can't tell who's is who's. Hannah did a great job too (middle right). They were excited about showing Dad when he got home and thrilled that we used them at dinner.
Brendon was feeling better this morning but is not feeling well again this evening and was not able to each much for dinner. He was in bed by 7:30. The rest will do him good.
Now to the "Not for sensitive viewers" part.
Our cats have been so clever and have caught 3 small rabbits today. We are so proud of them. If you do not live in New Zealand you must try to understand that these rabbits are a pest and they need to be controlled.
Ruth spotted Smokey with what was left of the first one early this morning. She seems to like coming to the sliding door to show us what she has caught. We always go over to have a look, so she has learnt that we are proud of her. Ruth then told me that Smokey is a Carnivore. Well done Ruth.
A little later in the morning both cats where outside and we saw them dash across the lawn. A few minutes later Tiger was back with this rabbit. Clever cats. Interestingly Tiger was not interested in eating the rabbit. He just brought it to the door to show us and then let Smokey eat it. He has obviously done much hunting through the night as slept most of the day today.
When I put Smokey out in the evening (Tiger had wanted to go out earlier) I noticed that Tiger had caught another one. Again he was not eating it and as soon as Smokey saw it she took it and ran off to eat it. So hopefully all this meat will help Smokey put on some weight. I am sure she will always be smaller than Tiger but it's great that he is getting extra food for her.

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