Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dad home

Even though Brendon went to bed so early last night he did not have a great night and was still feeling rather bad this morning so he decided to rather stay home and rest. Hopefully this will help him get over it completely.
I seem to spend time through the nights thinking about our next craft project and I was quite excited with the idea that I came up with. So today we started with the sky, using white crayons to make some clouds. It was the first time I have ever shown the girls what happens when you paint over crayon - so that was very exciting for them too.
It dried quite quickly so we could get the trees done today too. Rachel's fingers were used first for the longer thicker branches, then Ruth's fingers for the next lot. We tried to get Hannah to do the top thinnest smallest branches (you can see some of hers on the left tree) but she could not keep her fingers still enough and they would smudge. So the idea was there and at least Hannah enjoyed getting some paint on her fingers. :-)
So just a normal quite day at home looking after Dad and trying to get him to eat a bit. He was feeling much better by dinner and although he did not have a normal size meal he did at least eat.

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