Saturday, April 24, 2010

Missed my girls

Enjoying some cuddle time with my girls on Saturday evening. It felt like it had been ages since I had seen them. I left at 7pm on Thursday evening for a local Guides meeting and Rachel had only gotten home at 6pm. Then on Friday we had another day of adoption training in town so we left just after 7am. We literally got the girls out of bed and left. They stayed with Kathy again and this time stayed overnight. Brendon and I had planned to watch a movie and use the last of our free tickets but there was nothing on that we wanted to watch. So we just enjoyed a nice dinner and could take our time getting home. On Saturday morning I had a Guides meeting in town with Collette and only got home after 4pm. So Brendon fetched the girls from Kathy after work (around 10am). The little ones had a long afternoon nap which was great for Brendon as he was not feeling well after lunch. He seems to have picked up a tummy bug from work and was really feeling terrible. An early night for everyone tonight.

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