Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maths and mates

Rachel has been so diligent in working through the Alpha book of Math-U-See and she finished it up today. She wrote her Final test this morning and I told her in a sad sort of voice "go and look at your test and see how you did". She went over expecting to have gotten a whole lot wrong because of the way I spoke (she normally gets them all write) and the first thing she saw was The Silver Chair audio book cd on her workbook. Then she looked at her test and saw that she had gotten full marks. She was so happy - to know she had gotten full marks but more importantly with the surprise of another Narnia story on cd. Well done Rachel. You have been so patient in working through this basic work and you are so quick at it now. Good job.
Ruth did another of Rachel's 48 piece fairy puzzles today so Hannah got into the puzzle mood too. She can build the 4 piece puzzles that we have and enjoys doing the "same" thing as her big sister.
Kerry did the Brownie run this afternoon and I suggested she leave her little ones with me. She took wee Ben with as he was not feeling completely well but Katie and Kaleb stayed with us through the afternoon and our girls had a great time with them.
Rachel copying the "big kids". They drop onto the mat from here but she gets her legs back and climbs down (thankfully).
They spent ages in the sandpit. I love how some of the cows are looking over - wondering if any food might come from these noise makers.
When it got a bit cooler out they headed indoors for some colouring in time. They all got along so nicely and had a lovely afternoon together.

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