Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cycle and Supper

Ruth asked that we go fetch the post together today. So she cycled 1,4km. And unless you have ridden on shingle before you don't realize how much harder it is than a sealed road (tar road) or even a dirt road. So she did really well. It was overcast and we were hoping not to get wet - but it ended up being the best weather for it. Not too hot.
The girls enjoyed getting up close to the sign for the farm. This gives you a better idea of how big it is. Ruth told Rachel what all the letters were too.
Just so you know Hannah also takes her turn at pushing. :-) Even though Ruth pedals - at least she is not always the one wanting to be pushed.
Ruth has had enough of the Letterland game for now (I think she has mastered all the games and is a bit board) so I have been thinking about what other games I have for her to play. I then realized that our Barnie DVD's have computer games on too. So she got into "Let's play school" games today and so enjoyed it.
We have changed the daily routine again as Hannah was just not getting to sleep before 8:30. So now the girls all stay up till then. And when you are all up at 7 (knowing that you will be up for another hour and a half) and dinner was at 5 - well - everyone gets the nibbles. So finally we have had a proper NZ supper. Dinner is called tea and supper is the snack later on before bed. So here we all are enjoying crackers with cheese, gherkins and pickled onions. All I needed was the smoked muscles and it would be my favorite salty crack snack that my Dad would make when I was young. I think I must get a tin and see if Hannah and Ruth will enjoy them with me - Brendon and Rachel won't. :-)

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