Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cake, clean and car

Rachel so enjoyed watching me decorate the cake this afternoon. She also enjoyed eating the ganache that was left on the icing bag. I must have heard her at least twice say "it's so nice to see it being done". So I must make sure I do all my cake icing in the afternoons in future. I realize that most of the time I work at night when they are all in bed. But she will learn a lot by just watching and then I can start giving her things to do too.
The girls enjoyed getting the mattress blown up for our guests who arrive tomorrow. They are so very excited.
They also did a great job in cleaning up the play room so that I could give it a good vacuum.
It was so funny to see these two lying next to the fridge playing with the magnets. Ruth was telling Hannah what each letter was. I am amazed at how quickly she has learnt them.
At 3 Ruth and I headed off to town. I had a Trade Me pickup in Lytttelton so we got to have a look at the big ships in the Lyttelton harbour....
as well as enjoy the almost 2km tunnel to get there and back.
Then we had some shopping to do, got some dinner and then headed over to meet a lady who will do Ruth's hair for us. She gave me lots of advice and we have booked to get Ruth's hair done with her next Saturday. So I have a week and a half to get it all properly combed out. I wish I had taken a photo as the ladies little 18th month old so enjoyed playing with Ruth.
Eating some chips on the way home. I had to laugh at Ruth with her feet up on the dashboard. I was also amazed that she stayed awake.
It was almost 9 when I pulled over to take this photo. And although it does look very dark on the ground if you look at the sky you can see it was still quite light. Really only dusk - at 9pm.
We got home after 9 and Ruth was still wide awake. We had a lovely afternoon together (although very long). It was fun to have that one-on-one time with her and also fun to see how many little things she learnt. At every traffic light she would start singing "stop on the red light, go on the green" and asked the typical question of "why did that car go when it's red". So she learnt about the 2 directions of traffic as well as the orange light. Then on the way home I pointed out the need for lights at dusk and how it makes the cars so much easier to see. It was so fun to hear her say "he has his lights on" or "he should have his lights on".

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