Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Brendon

Happy Birthday Brendon!!!!
We were so glad he took the day off so that we could enjoy the whole day with him.
Rachel helping with making a jelly with fruit for pudding.
The Phillipses arrived from Timaru for lunch. Grant was instrumental in Brendon getting in contact with the pig farm here. We visited them in Timaru 2 years ago and it happened to be the weekend of Brendon's birthday too.
Birthday cake for afternoon tea.
Then we took them to the farm to have a look around. They were amazed at how big it is (as were we when we first arrived).
Petru seemed to really enjoy Hannah and all the cute little things she does and says.
Ruth and Dinnay played so very nicely together.
Rachel and Jaydon hit it off so well. Rachel said to me at one point "I thought we would have to make friends again - but we didn't." We did see them all at church camp in October but with so many more children the boys and girls tent to just keep to themselves. So it was a friendship from 2 years ago as they got on very well then too.
Roast chicken for dinner - Brendon's favorite. Sorry Grant - no pork.
It was lovely to have 11 around the table.
The children (except Hannah) stayed up till after 9:30. This photo was taken just before 9 and you can see how light it is still. You can also see that half of them are already in their pajamas. :-) Erin is very good at netball (and very tall) so we put the hoop up to the senior height. At least Rachel had fun giving it a try.
We had a lovely day and are very thankful for the Phillipses joining us.

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