Monday, January 18, 2010

Helpers and horses

Nothing like having guests coming later in the week to motivate the girls to get the house clean. Ruth and Hannah love helping with the vacuuming and Rachel does a great job of the bathroom. So in a short time we had the house looking good. We left upstairs for tomorrow.
Rachel enjoyed watching me make the cake for Brendon's birthday. She had not rinsed her plate after dinner last night so she "earned" a day of dishes. Not well timed with all the baking dishes today. But she was a happy helper and was glad she also got to play a part in the cake creation (even if it was cleaning up). I was very thankful for her help. We did our first 2 hours prep and then the cake sets in the fridge for 2 hours. So we will get the decorating of it done tomorrow afternoon.
Ruth asked that we cycle down to the horses this afternoon and we were so glad we did. We got to see the foals that were born just a couple of months ago. We saw these mares when they were pregnant.
It was lovely to watch them running around playing.
Unfortunately Brendon noticed he had gotten a puncture. The owners of the horses (who had said we could come onto the property to get a closer look) gave Brendon a ride home with the little two and Rachel and I cycled back.
I had extended our table (in preparation for having 11 people here on Wednesday) and decided to put the little two next to each other. They thought this was great fun.
Ruth is just loving the olives we were given and she often puts one on her thumb and sings "Little Jack Horner". Hannah has tried the olives often and never liked them. But today she asked again, so we insisted that she eat the little bit we gave her. Well she kept asking for more and even though she often pulled a funny face I think she is getting used to the flavour. Anything to copy her older sister. :-)

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