Monday, December 28, 2009

New Schedule

Ruth has been showing a lot of interest in writing letters. So I have decided to work in some "school" time for her into our daily schedule. I decided to get started this week so that I can work out what works for us and then when January starts I can print out Rachel's "To do list" (as well as mine) with guidelines for times on it too. She has already taught herself "c" and so that was a great place to start.
I bought some "gluten free" cones on Saturday as Ruth had been asking for them since she missed out on a cone earlier this month at friends (she had her ice cream in a bowl). So the ice scream was enjoyed after dinner on our way down to the pool. The girls had been asking the whole afternoon to go down and as the wind died off a little around dinner time Brendon said we could head down. It was chilly though - so Brendon and I avoided the water. But I watched my girls enjoying it while they shivered and remember how we used to love swimming as young children and we did not worry about the cold water. They did have a great time.
Our new schedule worked really nicely and we had our bible reading done early and had some extra time to play outside before bed. It's normally wonderful at 8 but today was overcast. It did not stop the girls though. They enjoyed netball, swing ball and soccer. And here is Hannah showing off her new activity on the climbing frame. She has gotten really good on it. Before we would not let her go higher than the mat (that you see at the bottom). But now she is all the way to the top. Our real little tom boy - and dressed all in blue today too. :-)

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