Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And IT

We were quite excited to here there was a movie for this book. So we got the book out the library earlier this month and Rachel and I both read it again just to refresh our memories (it had been ages since I read it to Rachel). It was fun to watch the movie although there were many changes. We both agreed we enjoyed the book more, but it's always fun to watch a movie.
Ruth has been taking ages to eat her veggies lately and I realised it's because she just chews for so long. So in desperation (it was just taking to long to get her to finish her food) I decided to blend her veggies into her potato. She was quite impressed with her green mash (and it got eaten much quicker).
Making some gluten free banana cupcakes for Ruth.
I made some Marshmallow Fondant this afternoon and look forward to testing it tomorrow on the cupcakes.

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