Saturday, October 10, 2009

Water and snow

We sure did not expect to see snow on these mountains again this year. And what a dumping it was.
The mountains on the other side of the house - really beautiful.
I cook sour dough bread normally on a Saturday morning, so with the oven hot I decided it would be a good time to make a chocolate cake for Dad. It was really chilly this morning and Brendon had to work. So it was nice for him to come home to a freshly baked cake.
Hannah has seen Mum pat the side of the bowl, so she will always help by patting the side.
Yesterday afternoon we had been watching this water slowly rise. We were very thankful it stopped raining last night and it did not get any higher.
Lynne gave us some "green eggs" the other day. So the girls enjoyed having them for lunch today.
Turquoise is probably a better way to describe the colour. It's funny how we have gotten used to having brown and white eggs. It was only when an American missionary to South Africa returned to the US and commented on seeing white eggs for the first time in so many years, that I realized we did not have white eggs in SA.
The veggie garden also got flooded. So after lunch Brendon got busy in the garden and dug a trench along the front to help drain the water away.
He also got his chain saw out and did some needed cutting back. It had gotten quite tricky cutting the grass to the left of those trees.
What a beautiful day.

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