Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dog, ducks and a daring child

We all got to sleep in this morning till 7 when Hannah woke up. I brought her to our bed and soon Ruth and Rachel joined us in the room too. Hannah was wide away and playing the clown again, so the day started with a lovely family laughing session.
7:30 in the morning. What a sunning day. Snow capped mountains with such beautiful blue skies just don't loose their beauty - no matter how many times you see them.
We put winter dresses on the girls and it should have been summer. The day was lovely and warm.
Ruth enjoyed walking this dog after church. Or was that the dog taking her for a walk. :D
Unfortunately we think the ducklings did not make it through the snow. We have seen this male with his mate and we are sure she is the one that was sitting on the nest.
When Hannah woke from her nap this afternoon it was clear a uti was starting. The poor girl was in so much pain. So we got her onto Cranberry and some meds and were very thankful that it helped really quickly. We will keep on with the meds through tomorrow to make sure it does not develop into an infection. We are sure these eye teeth are the reason for it. We are still waiting for the bottom two to break through the skin.
It was great to have the nappies out on the line with all the sunshine today. Hannah was very keen on helping me unpack the basket when I brought it in. But as soon as it was empty I realized why she wanted to help so much. She wanted the basket to play with. :D
We were so thankful to have our happy little girl back. She was really unhappy earlier when she was in so much pain.
Just before bed time and our daring Hannah decides it would be great fun to climb off the chair head first. For the first few times Brendon had a hand close to make sure she did not get hurt....
but soon she insisted he leave her to do it on her own. And she did come flying off a few times. But up she gets, laughs and tries again.

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