Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rhythms of Ireland

Just after 5:30 we were already in town and enjoying a wonderful meal at Sequoia 88. It is a buffet and there are just so many dishes to choose from. I lost count of how many times we went to try something different. We had a wonderful hour and a half just chatting and enjoying wonderful food.
Then we were off to the Isaac Theatre Royal. We had never been down this street before and even if I had I would not have known what a beautiful building this was.
The ceiling. Just stunning.
You can imagine watching opera's here with important people in the little boxes.

The show was amazing. This is just an example of the amazing music we got to hear. The highlight for me was definitely the Uilleann Pipes. The musician for our show show was David Delaney and he was amazing. He played the Uilleann Pipes as well as 4 other instruments.
The dancing was incredible. They have microphones on the floor of the stage which amplify the sound of the taps. And even though you could have 15 dances going at once, if you closed your eyes it would sound like just 1. They were brilliant.
We did some shopping after the show and so we only got home after 12:30. I should have taken a photo before we left when there was still sunlight - but at least we got one.

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