Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taste, see and smell

We had a relaxed morning (even though we were both awake before 7 - so much for trying to sleep in). Then I made some scones and we headed up to fetch the girls.
Hannah was more excited to see the food then she was us. So at least it showed us that she was fine with sleeping over and not being with Mum and Dad all the time.
Then they all headed outside for more playing time.
Another beautiful day.
And look at the view. They are 20km from Hwarden - right up in the mountains.
Kerry - you are such a good friend and an amazing Mum. To have 8 children overnight - and 5 of them under 5. I am so glad it went well.
Kerry also gave us a box of clothes for Rachel and Ruth. Hannah was not going to be left out of the trying on though - so she had fun wearing Rachel's skirt.
The girls all have so many dresses now. Hannah has so many because Ruth has gotten really tall and so all her dresses from last year are too short. Ruth had none that fitted her and so she was so very pleased to get so many lovely ones. Thanks Kerry.
Brendon and I joined the younger girls for an afternoon nap. And then we spend the later afternoon in the garden. Here the girls are quickly picking some flowers before the grass gets cut.
I spotted some Jasmine plants at the grocery store last night and am so excited to get them growing in our garden. I grew up with a hedge of jasmine at our front gate and I have such fond memories of that wonderful smell.
For a couple of weeks now Hannah has been hating bath time. Such a change from the girl who used to run in excitement when "bath" was mentioned to now running away and crying at the sound of the word. So I got some bubbles and some bath crayons and they worked really well to distract her from whatever had been upsetting her. She did call a couple of times, but it was a HUGE improvement. I look forward to getting the quiet bath time back.

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