Friday, October 30, 2009

Done, dentist and ducks

Ruth has been wanting to tackle Rachel's horse puzzle book for ages but the last time she tried they were still to hard. But she has been practicing on the others and so yesterday I said she could try again. She finished it off this morning and was so happy that she could do it. Now to tackle the others in the book. They give her a bit of a challenge which is great. But it's also amazing to see how much she is improving. If she keeps this up her puzzle building abilities will surpass Rachel in a few months time.
The girls spotted some more rabbits in the garden this morning. These are bigger than the other 2 - so we know they are new ones. So between rabbits and hares we are up to at least 7 that visit the garden. So talk of shooting them has started. And I know that is very hard for people not living in NZ to understand. They can become a huge problem though.
Earlier in the week I got a call from the dental nurse. We made an appointment for this morning for all the girls to see her. Here they are in the waiting room. The dental nurse has a small room on the local school premises. Children under 18 get free dental care which is great.

The last time Rachel was here she had to have a tooth pulled (it was loose but just not getting out the way of the big tooth that was coming out). So she was really nervous. The nurse chose to see her first and so I encouraged her to just relax and be a good example for her sisters. She did fine - but both the nurse and I could see the tension in her body.
Unfortunately she needs to have a filling (her first one). So we have been referred to a dentist in town. The nurse told Rachel about how they even have a DVD player on the ceiling. Fillings could be done here - but with Rachel's anxiety she felt it best to go to town and keep the experiences here as quiet and easy as possible.

I smile every time I see that photo. Ruth - you are such a cutie pie. She was also so good and the nurse says she has been brushing her teeth really well.

Next it was Hannah's turn. She also did really well. The glasses are a huge help. :D
The little two got new toothbrushes and they all got a few stickers.
And this one of Ruth makes me laugh every time. You can see how much fun she brings to our home. The little two are our resident clowns.
Brendon and I are off to The Rhythms of Ireland tonight. So I had to get ready this afternoon before taking the girls for their sleepover. The girls enjoyed watching me put makeup on (something that does not happen often at all) and I put some blush on their cheeks and suggested they put some of their red lip ice on. They are so looking forward to being old enough to wear makeup. :D
So we took our 30min drive up into the mountains to the Spenser home. What a beautiful day - the girls could just get right into having some outdoor fun. They were all happy to just give me a quick "bye" and a wave from their playing.
Just as I was getting to our house the duck with her ducklings crossed the road.
It was so nice to get so close to them. I drove really slowly past so that they would not get frightened.
As soon as I was passed them they turned and sped off in the other direction. At least I could get a nice photo of the ducklings. So cute.
It's been so nice to see them.

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