Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dance, blow, slide and swing

What a beautiful scene to wake up to. All of that snow fell last night. It only rained at the house though and I am sure that it will all have melted within a day or two.
The girls had fun using these blankets to dress up as princesses.

And then the princesses did some dancing.

Our new craft is decorating eggs. So today we emptied the contents of the eggs. It was too hard for the girls to blow the egg out, but they both took turns blowing the water out at the end to clean them.
After we dropped Rachel for her Brownie lift club we headed over to the play centre to collect our family portrait.
I had not known about this playground before we came for the photo.
The girls had a great time. Earlier today Ruth has spotted some ducklings on the field next to the house. So camera in hand I had hoped we would get to see them on our way home and we did. They are well hidden on the sand. We don't know if they are the same ones that hatched in our garden as we have not seen them for a couple of weeks. It was so lovely to see some ducklings though. Ruth has been looking for them for weeks and was very excited to get to see them.
This evening Hannah just wanted to be with me....
or should I say "on me". I seem to be a very good climbing frame. I got down to help with Ruth and within seconds she had climbed onto my back. :D

I roasted 2 chickens again today and again made 2 chicken-a-la-king meals for the freezer. This time I had left over capsicum from the pizza and I bought another tin of mushrooms to add to it. The tin of mushrooms for yesterday's pizza was the first one I had every bought. It works out cheaper than fresh (which I hardly every buy - perhaps once a year), so I will make sure I buy a few tins when we are in town again.


Lynn Hasty said...

Your blog is lovely and you have a beautiful family. I enjoyed reading about your day. The swings look interesting. They appear to be made from tires. I would like to try making one!


Buckland said...

Hi Lynn
Glad you could come for a visit. :-)
Yes, the swings are made from old tires. Honestly I don't know how they cut them (we tried once and it was so hard - there must be a trick to it). They are very common here and in South Africa.
Have a great week.