Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baking and Brownies

It was a busy day today getting ready for camp tomorrow. I had baking to do (everyone brings something with for tea times) as well as washing and packing.
And I had a shorter day as I was on the Brownie run today. There were only 9 Brownies there today, so Ruth filled in to make it an even 10.
They had a great time doing a Maypole dance.
And then got to practice making a sling.

It has become a Brownie tradition to sing the Washer woman song when Ruth is there. She has overcome her shyness and enjoys joining in.
The trip home is always hard for Hannah as we only get home after 6 and she normally has dinner at 5. So I set the portable DVD player up in the car for the trip home. It entertained all the Brownies too. When we stopped at the pick up point the girls all unbuckled so they could have a good look. The only one not looking is Rachel (directly behind Hannah) who has her nose in a book - what a surprise... :D
So perhaps we have found something to help with the hard trips with Hannah. We are so thankful for Ruth wining such a useful prize.
It was good to get all the packing done this evening. Hannah wanted to help and after putting something in the box she decided to climb in herself. The older girls are really excited about watching a movie tomorrow and going on camp. So I was very thankful when they all got to sleep quickly.

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