Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work, wash and reward

We added bigger leaves to our tree today....and Ruth asked "what makes the leaves grow". It was lovely to talk about God's wonderful creation and the seasons that He put in place. It was also great to spend time outside looking at the different trees in the garden and seeing these delicate leaves as they start to emerge.
After lunch I decided to get the lawn cut. The wind today helped dry the ground out and it's been a while since it's been dry enough to cut. Rachel offered to help with raking up the grass and I suggested that this become a paid job. She had worked really quickly this morning and so had extra time to help and earn some extra pocket money. She did a great job.
Then she decided to vacuum the car.....
and get it washed (both being paid jobs too). The younger two woke with the noise of the vacuum, so they joined in the washing. Dad had such a lovely surprise when he got home. The lawn cut and the car washed. And Rachel kept adding up how much money she had earned. :D
We are going to camp on Friday and Brendon has taken Friday off. So we will head through to town in the morning and use my free movie tickets to watch "Up". Rachel and Ruth are really excited about it. Rachel's goal in earning this money is so that she can buy some lollies to have at the movie. Rachel has enjoyed having lollies or chocolate to share with her sisters over the last few weeks. So I am glad she has such a giving attitude with her money.

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