Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday mail

When it got to 7pm last night and I saw how light it was still I quickly got the girls summer curtains out and hung one up over the long window. The curtains are way too long though (that other house really had VERY high ceilings and windows) so this morning I took the curtain down and corrected it's length. They have "blackout" on the back, so they are not lined but almost look like they have a layer of thick paint (although soft) on the back. So although the back looks white - it really does block out all the sun. The only light that comes in is what glows around the side of the curtain.
Rachel was excited to get her next bible lesson in the post.
And even more excited to see they had sent her another lesson with "Rachel's friend" written on the front. She already knows who she would like to give it to. (Sorry about the photo - flash issue again).
The owners where busy cutting down trees today and the two younger girls really enjoyed watching the tractor driving past often through the day. Hannah just loves tractors. Unfortunately at one point they must have bumped some power cables and we lost power to the house. I was again very impressed with the power company though and within an hour things were up and running again. For us this is impressive as we are an hour out of town.
We got started on a Spring craft today. The girls painted the background this morning and we cut some "grass" for it this afternoon. Photos to follow.
Ruth getting us all giggling.
Our chimney seems blocked and so we have not had a fire today. The chimney sweep will be here this week some time, but for now the girls have to go back to wearing winter pajamas. They had switched to summer last week when it was so hot and no fire was needed. But the last few days have been really cold. Ruth really wanted to wear her summer ones though - so I said she could wear them both. What a laugh we all got when we saw how she had put them on.
Ruth has also had a star chart going since the 10th in an attempt to help her stop wetting her panties. It has not really been the solution I was hoping for and today we still had two wet ones (although they only get a few drops on them). She also has a book that she puts a sticker in every time she goes to the toilet and her panties are dry. So we will continue with that and see if there is any improvement over the next couple of weeks. The smiley faces in the middle are for when her nappy is dry after her nap - so although there are a number of them - she is still not ready for no nappy at nap time.

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