Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poor Possum

On our way to church this morning we saw this dead possum at the end of our driveway. They are such beautiful creatures and being nocturnal you don't get to see them much. This one was around 50cm long (excluding the tail) - so they are quite big. Brendon, Rachel and I had gotten to spot one at the other house but it's always for a few seconds and when it's really dark. Another animal I got to spot at our new house the other day was a ferret. They would be more of a concern for our chickens being carnivorous where the possums would probably do more damage to our vegetable garden than worry the chickens (although possums are omnivores). After church we were invited to stay for lunch. They have 8 children, so our girls were kept busy. Here Ruth is at the table getting started on some bread - she was really hungry. Their eldest son was having a look at my camera to see if the flash was just set incorrectly. He knows a lot about camera's and taught me a lot about lighting (this photo being a very good example of what my camera can do). It also helped me to see that I really don't use my camera to any where near it's full potential. I just point and click - but it has sooooo many functions. I am just resigned to the fact that I am not actually interested at all in photography - I just like taking photos for the sake of the memories it helps to make. :D

Day light savings started today and we decided to rather let the girls sleep in. So their bodies thought they were only waking up at 7 but it was already 8 (on the new clock setting). We only left our friends after 3pm and Hannah stayed awake for the trip home. So she totally missed her afternoon nap and seemed to get a second wind (as they say). She was running around singing for hours this afternoon. Amazing what this little body does when "running on empty".
In this clip Dad is trying to get her to do again what she had been doing - running around really fast. Just before the clip ends you can see she gets going - not only her legs but her mouth too. But then she spots the camera and runs over to me.

I tried to get it on video again - but again she spotted me and ran over. Both these videos make Rachel and I laugh every time. And she had us laughing much through the afternoon / evening too. Thankfully she was totally exhausted when it came to 7:30 and fell asleep really quickly (although it's almost like saying bed time is 6:30).

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