Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sugar snaps and flash

Brendon worked this morning and it was a bit of an adjustment as he has not had to work on the weekends for a while now. Thankfully we had some sun for a bit today and so we could get a little bit of gardening done. The grass was too wet to cut - but we got the sugar snaps planted and we got a good amount of weeding done too.
In the week since I bought them they had almost doubled in size. So they needed to get out and start climbing. Sugar snaps are the peas that have a sweet pod that is edible.
The girls all love helping bring in wood and it's been needed again with the colder weather we have been having. Unfortunately my camera has been playing up over the last week and it is now very clear that I have a problem with the flash. Everything light just gets so white.
And the challenge with not using the flash is to get the girls to stand still. A hard task for this little worm. The only way she stands still is if you ask her to smile for the camera. And then this is what you get. :D
We had a lovely relaxing day.

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