Friday, September 25, 2009

Sausage and stew

Ruth is busy working through the 48 piece animal of the world puzzle book again. I had to laugh when I saw the hat though. Ruth - you are such a cutie.
The farm had sausage made again and so we bought 20kg. We have not had any sausages for a number of weeks now so are really looking forward to our weekly bangers and mash.
Ruth was excited about getting to help me package the sausages. Hannah was there too to see what was going on. We got 31 meals out of those 20kg - so we have many weeks of these to look forward to.
And it was stew time again today. Brendon cut the meat up yesterday and I bought what veggies I could from the shop on Tuesday. Unfortunately they did not have all that much so I headed out to the garden where the previous tenants had planted some carrots and parsnips. Even though it was drizzling it was nice to get something done in the garden (as there are loads of weeds around the plants too). Rachel was a big help and washed them all and then cut them up. She really enjoyed helping and is learning more all the time.

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