Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet the chooks

After our morning juice we have a nice treat for the chooks. Even though I buy really cheep carrots (20kg bags), it was still frustrating to throw this away every day. So it's great that even our left overs get eaten.
Marmite (the completely black one) is the bravest and is always first to see what we have for them. The grey one on the other side is Flicker (she has black specks) and the black one behind Marmite is Odie (explanation to follow). We still need to find a name for the 2nd grey one.
Hannah and Ruth love passing the food to the chooks through the fence. Unfortunately there is no fence in this section, so it's either through or over the fence.
On the right we have Red Hen and hiding in the corner is our scardeycat. She is the most nervous of all the chooks and so we thought a cat name would suit her. So she is Garfield and the other black one that looks very similar is Odie.
Ruth learning to peal a hard boiled egg. Now that we have them so often I am not worried if we loose some egg in the process.
At first Hannah was not that interested in eating the yolk, so I fed her this one to make sure she did not just throw the yolk out. But she really enjoyed it and so I can now with confidence just give her a whole egg to eat on her own.
These were our temporary feeders (feeder and drinker) - made from buckets.
But our new ones arrived today. The food and water keep a lot cleaner this way. We also realized that having them up on bricks helps even more.
Marmite and Odie come to see what we are up to. Marmite is so brave. I am sure if we feed her things in here often she will get closer and closer. Rachel really would like them to get tame enough for her to touch. So we will see.
Ruth always wants to help. So she carried the old feeders back.
Rachel was very excited when I showed her this DVD I got for her to watch. A BBC production of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe". She really enjoyed it and it was also interesting to see how much things have changed over the years with regards to special effects.

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