Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chook books

The girls having a tea party on one of Hannah's blankets. Probably her favorite one with Barnie. She will often ask us to get the blanket out her bed and then more than likely ask us to put it out on the floor like this. I was thankful for the girls playing so nicely this morning as I got 4 phone calls through the morning and they were each 20 - 30 minutes long. So before I knew it the morning was gone. It was quite strange for someone who is hardly every on the phone.
After dropping Rachel for the Brownie lift club at school I took the younger two into the library. We had a book to return and some chook books to collect, so it was a great opportunity for them to have a few minutes there and to choose some extra books themselves. Hannah does not sit still long though, so we did not stay long.
I was glad to have the camera with and finally get a photo of the geese that are often on our driveway. There is a ditch along the side which has had water in for the last month and so we often see them enjoying the water. Very beautiful birds.
And these wild ducks often walk down the drive too. Here they are quiet close to our garden. We often see them from the house.A rare occasion where Hannah sits still for a bit of a story.
I think more of the fun was to be sitting with Dad - she is not even looking at the book. :D
Ruth was very happy to have a lot of books about chooks. She knew we got milk from cows, but we had never spoken about where eggs come from. So with us getting our own chooks it was a good time to get loads of books about the topic too.
I am also remembering more and more of the puzzles that we have in the house. So Ruth has started on this book with six 24 piece puzzles. A gift Rachel got when she was little from her godparents.
It has 3 stories with 2 puzzles each. The trick with this book is that there is no picture to copy from. But I can see that the book format is a great help in getting Ruth to see how the side pieces work as you have a frame to build in.

Listen for the "more" at the end.

It's so much fun to tickle little children. I laugh every time I watch this.

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