Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun, fun fun

The colour again this morning was just so spectacular.
By 7am it's really light already. The farm has moved the starting time from 7:30 to 7. Even though Brendon left earlier this morning I had forgotten. So when the phone rang at 4 (Dad letting us know he is on his way home) it was such a lovely surprise.
You can see the leaves are also coming out on the trees. So there won't be too many sunrise photos from this spot anymore.
Although the fire is kept going through the night we did not bother keeping it going this morning. It was such a hot day. I even had to change the younger too as we were all so hot. Rachel has been wearing summer clothes since we moved to this house. But today it really got hot.

Enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

The girls enjoying their dresses. Ruth was singing so nicely but when I got the camera out she got a bit shy.

Ruth found another box of puzzles.

And another.

These ones are quite hard even though they only have around 6 pieces. They are such odd shapes.

And then she found the box that she had been busy with at the other house. The puzzles range from 4 piece to 16 piece. So just to give you an idea of how much her puzzle building skills have developed over this month - she was not totally confident with the harder two of these a month ago but now is able to take all the pieces (they got jumbled up in the move), sort them out and build each one. ALL on her own.

And all of these puzzles were done this evening. She is just having SOOO much fun with puzzles.

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