Monday, August 24, 2009

Different designs

After lunch I suggested the girls spend a little time outside with the big chalk. Although Ruth and Hannah did a little bit of drawing, it was Rachel who enjoyed it the most.
Hannah thought it would be much more fun to climb on the climbing frame on her own. I am wondering how much of a good thing this independence is. :-)
Rachel did a picture for each of them.
Unfortunately Hannah did not sleep terribly well and by 2 she was making quite a bit of noise in the room. So I moved Ruth onto our bed so that she could get some peace and quiet to finish having her nap.
Eventually by 2:30 I knew Hannah was not going to get any more sleep. So she came upstairs with Rachel and I.
Rachel attempted to read to her, but only got a little bit of attention.
This evening I got Rachel's pillow case started. Julia had given Rachel the material and instructions on Friday and we had to come up with a design for the middle. So to start she will embroider her name.

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